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ZHAO HE CO.,HENG-MAO AIR-DIFFUSER PRODUCT COMPANY LIMITED. it is committed to grow into a bench-marking and professional enterprise in the area of process exhausting system which is popular used in semiconductor industries, we aim to satisfy customers through excellent products and services. Firsquare has obtained a number of international and domestic certification, mainly including FM Certification, AMCA Certification, ISO9001/ ISO14001 and ISO45001 Certification and so on.

In 2019, we became one of the national high-tech enterprises, now we have 57 patents including utility models and 18 inventions; The control damper and check damper produced by Firsquare passed the full range of AMCA Certification, some dampers even reached the Class 1A,ZHAO HE CO.,HENG-MAO AIR-DIFFUSER PRODUCT COMPANY LIMITED. , medicine, data center and other related industries.

Organic waste gas solution installation diagram

Smoke and dust purification solution installation layout diagram

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Product quality is our life. We provide not only products, but also our after-sales service.

Satisfying our customers-this is the main task and mission of the company, especially the sales department. In order to stay close to customers at all times and understand his needs, the company has established a dealer network covering almost all corners of the world. Our company is a competent and reliable partner. All our customers can safely get our help, support and advice from us.
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The company is committed to developing professional benchmark enterprises with process exhaust systems in the general semiconductor industry, providing customers with optimal system solutions through excellent products and services.

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